Donate to the Everyone Drives Foundation

Donate to the Everyone Drives Foundation

Help someone in your community get a mobility van

Looking for a way to help? Everyone Drives Foundation Inc is always accepting donations to support our cause. You can rest assured that 100% of your donation will go to customers who get approved for a mobility van.

Filling out the application is simple and easy. We're available to answer any questions about the donation process and how we use the money to help those with disabilities.

Call now to learn more about donating to our foundation.

Follow success stories made possible by your contribution

After you donate, keep in touch. We'll post success stories so that you can know exactly how your contribution has helped someone.

Driving is something that able-bodied people often take for granted. By donating, you can help someone with a disability:

  • Get more freedom
  • Receive a vehicle made to support their needs
  • Avoid debt caused by purchasing a mobility van

Reach out to us today to make your donation.